Weekly Wellness Intention: Cultivate Pleasure

Weekly Wellness Intention: Cultivate Pleasure

Thank you for all your great support and comments last week about my new Weekly Wellness Intention series! I’m so excited to be sharing this with you and discussing resources and tips as we go along! And in case you missed the first post, check it out here: Morning Routine

Last week’s focus was improving my morning routine and my intention was to make mornings less stressful. 

What worked well: 

  • My favorite part of this change was being able to sit and peacefully have breakfast at home in the mornings. Every morning I made myself a big veggie and egg scramble (recipes coming soon!) and then had plenty of time to sit and meditate while enjoying a cup of tea.
  • Before eating I would take a deep breath and then make sure to put my fork down in-between bites so I wasn’t rushing things. I felt so much more relaxed and present in my mornings and this feeling definitely stayed with me throughout the day. It’s amazing the difference that a small change can make!
  • I also liked having time to sit and actually do my hair and makeup. I’m not super girly or high maintenance, but I really liked feeling more “put together” and noticed a big confidence boost from this as well.

Challenges that came up:

  • I’m not a big evening workout person in fall and winter. I love working out in the evenings during spring and summer, but every October I always move my workouts to the mornings because I don’t like coming home from the gym in the dark. I already knew this about myself and I knew it would be a huge challenge to move my workouts to after-work. And, as I suspected, it was pretty hard for me. I stuck with my evening kickboxing class on Monday, but skipped my evening yoga class later in the week. On the weekend, I kept my Saturday and Sunday workouts in the morning which worked great.

Next steps:

  • My next step with this is to move my weekday yoga class back to the morning. I’m planning to have everything prepped the night before so I still have time to eat breakfast at home before going to work. If this goes well, I might even throw a second weekday morning yoga class into the mix, but I’ll still try to keep my evening kickboxing class.

And now onto this week’s Weekly Wellness Intention: Cultivate Pleasure. This one is going to be fun!

I love hard work. I never shy away from a challenge and I’m extremely passionate about what I do in my life. However, the downside of being a passionate, career-driven over-achiever is that I worry that I don’t take enough time to enjoy the little things and my life is passing me by.

Over the last few years I’ve gotten a lot better at listening to my body instead of my head, following my feelings instead of a to-do list, and building time into my day for relaxation, but I know I could do more with this. So…

My focus for the week is to cultivate pleasure every day. 

What does this look like? Instead of coming up with a structured list of “pleasurable activities” (because that would defeat the point), I’m going to wait and see what feels most pleasurable in the moment. It might look something like:

Sleeping in.

Getting up early for a yoga class.

Going for a hike.

Eating slowly.

Playing with my cats.

Getting tea with a friend.

Going for a walk in the rain.

Skipping a walk because it’s raining.

Eating dessert.

Not eating dessert. 

I think you get the point. I’m really excited to see what this week brings and create more intention around cultivating pleasure in my life.

Now it’s your turn! What worked well and/or what challenges did you face with last week’s morning routine? What simple changes can you make this week to cultivate pleasure in your life? Please share them in the comments below!

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  1. says

    I am a teacher (4 days a week at a lower school and 1 day a week yoga at a local retirement community) so my “new year” begins in September, which is when my wellness intention tends to reset itself. My intention for this year was to (finally!) develop a home yoga practice.

    Yippee, because I’ve managed to do yoga at home 2-3 mornings a week. It helps that I am a crazy early riser (5am), though we’ll see how long that lasts into January and February!

    As for the rest of my morning routine, I am working at keeping myself to 30 minutes of online time that is all personal-based and trying to avoid work email until I arrive at school. Some mornings my resolve is better than others.

    Lastly, as the days get darker and colder, my wellness intention is, similar to yours, to choose outfits that make me feel comfortable, attractive and professional so that I feel good throughout the day.

    • Sonnet says

      Awesome, Laurie! It’s amazing how something as simple as yoga or a comfortable outfit can really make a difference. Excited to hear how things continue going with this. :)

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