Vida Vegan Con 2011

What do you do after attending Vida Vegan Con

1. Celebrate
2. Sleep
3. Blog

So here I am.

Vida Vegan Con 2011 was held in Portland, Oregon this past weekend and is the first-ever conference of its kind to unite vegan bloggers from around the globe.  How cool is that?!  The next conference is said to be in 2013 although no location has been announced yet. 

After three days of engaging with fellow bloggers, soaking up information in workshops & panels, and honing my own skills as a writer and photographer, here is what I’ve learned…

Photography Workshop
iPhone cameras can take decent photographs.  Don’t believe me?  I’m pretty sure Isa can convince you. 

Cupcakes from Sweetpea Baking Company

Vegan cupcakes are the best.  Seriously, awesome.  I pretty much spent all weekend on a mega sugar rush. Especially after…

The extensive sundae bar with Coconut Bliss ice cream.  It pretty much was the death of me.  (But only because it was so amazing…)

And that is exactly how I learned that I cannot go a single day without consuming fresh juice or something really, really green.  Lucky for me, Portland has a juice bar called Prasad that saved my life.

Marketing Panel

I also learned that social media is really just about being social… and authentic.

The PSU dorm rooms don’t come with AC, but they sure do come with a gorgeous view at sunrise.

Galarama & Silent Auction for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

There are hundreds of other people in the world that can’t live without taking pictures at every meal and think tempeh is seriously rad.

When given the choice between champagne and sparkling cider I should always choose the cider.

My cat is mega cute… but very mischievous when I am away.

Portland is one of the most beautiful cities and morning runs on the waterfront are mandatory.

Podcasting Workshop

Podcasts are a lot of work and as much as I would like to start one… I think I would rather just listen to ’em.

Most importantly, I learned about what matters in my life.  And that is you, my friend.  Cooking and food blogging is something that I couldn’t do without each and every one of my readers.  You are the ones that make it fun and rewarding to slave behind a stove and photograph every recipe so that someone besides myself can drool over it for awhile.  I appreciate your every comment, email, and visit to this blog.  Thank you for supporting me in what I love to do and sharing in my passion for food!


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  1. says

    Hey there! What a lovely post on Vida Con! I just wanted to stop by, say “hi,” that it was lovely to meet you, and that per your advice I’ve been eating chocolate hemp milk chia seed pudding non-stop since I got home! YUM! :)


  2. Val @ Ramblings of a Babymama says

    You mentioned podcasts in this post. I was just wondering if you can suggest any podcast about veganism or cooking vegan, etc. Thanks and keep up the lovely blog!

  3. says

    Hi Traci,

    It was great to meet you too! That’s awesome that you tried the chia seed pudding at home! I’m excited to keep in touch via blogs!

    Take care,

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