This weekend…

This weekend began with a trip to the U-District farmer’s market.  I loaded up on plenty of donut peaches, lapin cherries, zucchini, yellow wax beans, golden beets, corn, and these gorgeous little tomatoes. There’s nothing like fresh, ripe tomatoes in the middle of summer and I just can’t get enough this month.

For lunch I attempted to make pizza from scratch.  It was a big fail.  Major.

This was my first try at making pizza dough and I think I might have added too much flour and/or kneaded it a bit too much. Regardless, it was such a big fail that we ended up getting take out instead.

This afternoon I decided that if my cat could speak, he would sound like Alan Rickman (aka Professor Snape). That’s kinda freaky, huh?

We spent the majority of today painting our apartment and adding in this merlot accent wall.  My partner and I live in an apartment in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle and we’re working on some big updates over the next couple of weeks. Our landlord is replacing the old carpet with hardwood floors in the living room, the walls are getting a paint makeover, and we’re hoping to replace some of our mismatched old furniture for more modern pieces.

Our apartment is 460 square-feet which sometimes feels like a challenge for 2 people + a cat.  Hopefully these changes will give us a much-needed update (especially the carpet!) and make the small space more tolerable.  

Our evening ended by watching Die Hard With a Vengeance (the third movie in the Die Hard series).  We watched the first one a few weeks ago and now are addicted to the 90s action and hilarious stunts.  If you haven’t seen Bruce Willis with hair, then you need to get on this.

And, most importantly, this weekend means that it’s less than ONE WEEK ’til the Vida Vegan Con in Portland.  Are you excited?  I am super pumped!  I can’t wait for all the workshops, the galarama, and the opportunity to meet so many other cool bloggers!  If you are not attending, then make sure to check back here next weekend so I can keep you updated on what’s what in the blogging world.  If you are going, then I can’t wait to see you there!

How is your weekend so far?

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    Wasn’t it a fantastic weekend in Seattle? I found myself overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude and enjoyed every minute of that warm sunshine! I found some adorable orange cherry tomatoes at the Ballard Market yesterday. They were too cute to pass up!

    Sorry about your pizza fail :( bummer

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