Spud.com Juice Cleanse Review

Spud.com Juice Cleanse Review

I get a lot of emails from readers asking about juicing, juice cleanses, and making green smoothies. Many of you have questions about the difference between juices and green smoothies (the quick answer is that smoothies are made in a blender and thus retain the fiber from the fruits and veggies) and ask me for helpful tips about getting more juices and/or smoothies into your diet.  If this is you, I would highly encourage you to check out my juice and smoothie recipes in the archives, particularly my Green Smoothie 101 video tutorial, Juicing 101 video tutorial, and my post on how to pick the right juicer for you.

And, if you’re interested in getting into the juicing habit, I think you’ll really enjoy this post.  Some of you might remember last January when I partnered with Spud.com (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) to show you their awesome Organic Juicing Boxes and tell you about their exclusive January discounts. I had such a great response from you last year that I approached them again and asked if they’d be willing to partner together so I could share their January discounts with you this year. The awesome folks at Spud.com were kind enough to let me try one of their new 5 Day DIY Organic Juice Cleanses so I’m happy to be able to share this with you as well as tell you about their January discounts.

In case you’re not familiar with Spud.com, here are a few cool things to know:

  • Spud.com is an online produce delivery service that was founded in 1997 as a sustainable way to directly connect local farmers with customers.
  • Spud.com currently serves 6 urban areas in North America: Seattle and the Eastern Puget Sound, the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and Orange County, Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver Island to Nanaimo, and Calgary.
  • Every product that they offer must support their values, including: remaining GMO-free, being transparent about product ingredients and sources, and providing safe, fair-working conditions for food producers.

I seriously love these guys.

Spud.com Juice Cleanse Review

Spud.com has a few different options for juicing, including their organic juicing boxes (a one-time order), their juicing subscription (for weekly deliveries), and now they offer DIY juice cleanses. They have three different options of DIY Cleanses: (read more about their cleanses here)

  • 1 Day Intro Juice Cleanse
  • 3 Day Weekend Reset Juice Cleanse
  • 5 Day ‘Thrive in Five’ Juice Cleanse

 Here are the pro’s I see about their cleanses:

  • I work with a lot of different folks in my holistic health coaching business and the number one barrier I hear from my clients that prevents them from reaching their health goals is a lack of planning and time. If you have a busy schedule and this prevents you from juicing, then having everything you need delivered to you is incredibly convenient and will encourage you to finally take action.
  • All of the produce in SPUD’s boxes is 100% certified organic (so there’s no need to worry about toxins or pesticides)
  • Since you’re making the juices at home yourself from fresh produce, you get the maximum amount of beneficial live enzymes out of every glass (instead of drinking bottled juices)
  • Their DIY boxes also mean that you save money on bottling and packaging (and, this is much better for the planet!)
  • The other cool thing is that all of their cleanses come with instructions, recipes, cleansing tips and enough organic produce for 5 daily juices. So, if you are constantly wishing that someone would just take the guess-work out of juicing for you, SPUD is worth checking out. :)

Spud.com Juice Cleanse Review

Spud.com Juice Cleanse Review

Overall I was incredibly satisfied with SPUD’s ease of ordering and delivery, quality of produce, and juice recipes and tips.

One thing I will mention is that most of the juices on their cleanse do involve fruit so if you prefer not to juice fruit or if you have to be careful of fructose intake this is something to be aware of.

The only con that I experienced (if you can even call it that) for the 5 Day Juice Cleanse is that in the delivery you’ll be receiving enough fresh produce to make 25 juices. This is both a) awesome and b) a bit of a tight fit if you already have a full refrigerator. My produce arrived in 5 boxes and in the photo above I’m only showing you what was able to comfortably fit on my kitchen table! SPUD gives you a lot of produce in the boxes so the great thing is that you really do get your money’s worth and the cleanse goes pretty fast so your fridge will clear out quickly.

If you’re interested in trying more juicing at home and testing out SPUD, January is the time to do it because right now they are offering 20% off all of their DIY juice cleanses this month.

Or, if you’re not into the juice cleanse boxes, their other option is $100 in FREE groceries if you purchase a juicer through them. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Spud.com Juice Cleanse Review

Disclaimer: I want you all to know that I was provided a complimentary box of produce from SPUD for their DIY juice cleanse, but I was under no obligation to write a positive review. I was not financially compensated for this review and all opinions here are my own. And, as I mentioned above, I believe in this company so much that I was the one who approached them!  :)

And now I want to hear from you… what are the biggest barriers that keep you from juicing on a regular basis? Leave a comment below!

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