My favorite posts of 2013

My favorite posts of 2013

I think I will always look back on 2013 as the year that completely kicked my butt — and took my breath away. This year I challenged myself in a million different ways, faced some big gremlins, and I can’t believe everything that happened when I look back on it all.

For starters, I changed my diet and moved away from being exclusively plant-based after six long years. I’m happy to report that nowadays my body is feeling strong and healthy with the mix of plant-based/meat-based/seasonal/gluten-free/grain-free dishes I enjoy. (It also really likes these zucchini pizza boats.)

I discovered that you can make (non-dairy) sugar-free coconut vanilla ice cream in a food processor. Big win.

I survived a tricky legal situation regarding my blog name and this website became officially known as In Sonnet’s Kitchen.

I showed the world how to spiralize zucchini and how to make zucchini fettuccine. And, once you do that, you need to top it with this beef bolognese, easy lentil marinara, or this amazing rosemary-butternut (non-dairy) creme sauce.

My relationship of seven years ended. This inspired a lot of reading about healthy relationships and the realization that the beauty of this life is that we get to choose how we want to feel. We can’t control how other people think, feel, or act, but we always get to choose our feelings. And I choose to feel good.

I tried CrossFit for the first time and became a major convert… well, until I injured my shoulder. One of the best discoveries during this time was my DIY green tea and chia energy drink, which is great at boosting energy and performance before a workout.  

I made saurkraut and tried to convince you all to make it too. It’s pretty amazing.

I showed you how to wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar and how to get beachy hair without chemicals. I hope you joined me in sporting this look all summer.

I bared my soul to you in some pretty personal posts by sharing that  vulnerability is not a weakness and you are enough just as you are. I also learned how to ride a motorcycle and I got over my fear of being in front of the camera by sporting a tank top and sharing a bit of my personal struggles surrounding body image

I wrote a cookbook. I still can’t believe this really happened.

I’ve continued my love affair with greens in a variety of recipes, including collard green coleslaw, easy and affordable green juice, massaged kale salad, and this kale smoothie for ladies (it seriously helps with PMS).

And I ended the year by taking one of the most amazing vacations of my life and getting the chance to revel in all of the beauty and joy there is in this world.

I’m so grateful for this amazing year and I’m appreciative to you for joining me on this journey. As 2013 comes to a close, I wish you a beautiful end to your year and a healthy and happy start to 2014. 

From my kitchen to yours,

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