My Favorite Fall Soups

Ah, soup weather.  There is nothing like the first really cold, grey, rainy week in Seattle to get you in the mood for soup weather.  During this time of year, I swear that Whole Foods must make a killing on their hot soup bar.  But you, my friend, are lucky.  You do not need to venture anywhere outside of your kitchen in search of the perfect hot soup because I am sharing my favorite fall recipes with you.  So get ready, grab some onions and garlic, and let’s make soup!

Apples and squash.  Is there a more perfect combination for a fall soup?  I think not. This Acorn Squash Apple Soup (pictured above) is a quick and easy soup to please everyone.  Feed it to your significant other, your friends, your kids, your third cousin, and your grandma. I swear you’ll never hear a single complaint.

All last year I was obsessed with this Celeriac Soup soup.  Absolutely obsessed.  I love the simple flavors of the celeriac, but I really love this soup paired with the lemon zest, red pepper, and oil.  If you make this, don’t skimp on the zest!

Not a fan of creamy soups?  I have just the thing.  Meet this Mushroom, Barley, and Black-Eyed Pea Soup. It’s a hearty soup with substance.  This soup will power you through fall and with its immunity-boosting power, I think it just might cure the common cold.

Ready to make your soup a one-bowl meal?  I like the way you think. Let’s talk about some Tofu Pho. Pho is Vietnamese Noodle Soup that is really popular here in Seattle. Almost every neighborhood has a local pho place, but I’ve grown to love preparing it at home so I can add extra veggies!

And finally, let’s talk about you, the soup skeptic.  You say soup just isn’t your thing, but I think you just haven’t met the right soup yet.  Well, let me introduce you to this Coconut Squash Soup. This soup has won over many soup skeptics in its time and I hope for you to be next on the list.  Yes, it might take a little time to roast the squash, but it is worth it. Seriously worth it.
What are you favorite soups this fall?
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  1. Lindsay Loves Veggies says

    Yum! I’m on a total soup kick right now. I really want to try thay tofu pho! Lately I’ve been making a ton of blended soups. They’re so easy, and a good way to pack in tons of veggies!

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