Late Summer Farmers Market

There is never a time when I am more thankful for our farmers than late-summer.  I am deeply grateful for all of their hard work spent beneath the blazing sun in the fields, loading produce into trucks, and standing at the market.  Long-hours, tired bones, hard work, I appreciate you….

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  1. Shana says

    I just saw yellow raspberries for the first time today, and then I click through and find them on your blog. Mother nature sure has a flair for the creative. It’s a shame we try to breed it out for homogenous products that will sell. I’ve gotta say, I’m jealous of your proximity to a farmers’ market. :) Ours here in Idaho mostly sells potatoes and tomatoes. :)

    • says

      I love yellow raspberries! I can’t tell if they actually taste different or if it’s my brain thinking they do because of the color, but they are so pretty.

    • says

      These pictures are from both the U-District and Ballard farmers market, but the fava beans were at the Ballard market a few weeks ago. I don’t know if PCC carries them currently, but I have seen fava beans at PCC and Whole Foods this summer. Aren’t they amazing? I hate all the prep work, but the results are always worth it. :)

    • says

      They are totally worth it! I just moved from Federal Way to West Seattle, and am excited to be closer to so many more farmers markets (and year round ones too!) I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them, although it may be pretty close to the end of the season for them. Thanks!

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