Late Spring Farmers Market

I am so excited for summer this year and it feels like the sun can’t come fast enough.  But, it’s still spring here in the Pacific Northwest.  Luckily there is already an amazing mix of local produce available at the farmers market.

For most of the year, we have an abundance of carrots and root vegetables.  I love the fresh, baby carrots of spring that taste so tender and sweet.  These are wonderful eaten raw with a dip like hummus or simply roasted to bring out a bit more flavor.

Fiddleheads, fiddleheads, fiddleheads.  I love that word.  Fiddleheads are uncoiled ferns, a true springtime treat.  If you’ve never heard of them, you can read more about them here along with a simple recipe.

Lavender is one of my favorite plants and although it can be used in the kitchen, I’ve yet to incorporate it into a recipe.  I love to keep lavender in my garden to give off a wonderful, relaxing aroma while attracting bees.  My favorite uses for dried lavender is in sachets under my pillow or adding some to a hot bath.

Late Spring Farmers Market

Oh how I love cherries.  Although they can be a pain to pit, cherries are one of my favorite fruits to add in smoothies and summertime slushie treats.  They’re also a great topping for salads.

There is an abundance of greens right now and it is a great time to find tender, baby lettuce for salads.  Top your salad with this incredible green goddess dressing and relish in the flavors of spring.

I think radishes tend to get a bad rap.  Most of the radishes we eat come from the grocery store and taste overly spicy, woody, and hard.  The fresh, baby radishes available at markets are a different game entirely.  These ones are still spicy, but they don’t taste dried out.  My favorite ways to enjoy them is shredded in a raw salad or roasted.

What’s available in your area this time of year?

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