Juicing 101 [Video]

If you are looking to change your health, juicing is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I will readily admit that I am a juicing addict and I’m super excited to get you juicing as well! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a basic juice at home, but first, let’s talk about some important benefits:


  • Drinking fresh vegetable juice allows you to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, which we all know are full of good things like vitamins, minerals, and (since you are consuming them raw) beneficial enzymes. Fresh juice is also loaded with antioxidants that bind to toxins and help remove them from the body.
  • Fresh vegetable juice is very alkalizing, meaning that it helps to restore the body to its proper pH and  assist the body in detoxing.
    • Most of the foods in the Standard American Diet cause the body to be too acidic (e.g. animal products, sugar, fried foods, bread, alcohol, etc) and this acidity builds up over time causing inflammation and creating stress for our organs and tissues.
    • On the other hand, eating fresh, alkaline-forming foods like vegetables, vegetable juice, nuts, seeds, most legumes, water and some fruits, helps to strengthen the body and keep it healthy.
  • Since the juicer extracts the insoluable fiber from the fruits and veggies, fresh juice is very easy on the digestive track (making it perfect for anyone with digestive issues) and it makes the nutrients easy to absorb. Plus, since your digestive system doesn’t have to expend as much energy to break down juice, your body can spend that energy on healing your cells.
Drinking fresh vegetable juice is one of the best ways to increase your energy and detox your system! 

I know from personal experience that I feel more energized when I drink fresh juice on a regular basis. It’s basically like a supercharged liquid vitamin for your cells! I have also found that drinking fresh vegetable juice helps to curb sugar cravings!

Juicing 101 [Video]
Cantaloupe and Beet Juice
Juicing 101 [Video]
Ginger Orange Carrot Juice
Juicing 101 [Video]
Green Lemonade

So, what should you juice?  For daily juicing, I recommend drinking 100% vegetable juice or including low-sugar fruits in your juice, such as green apples, lemon, lime, berries, and grapefruit. Since juicing extracts the insoluable fiber, this makes the natural sugars in fruit absorb more quickly causing your blood sugar to spike. And since juice is easy to drink (compared to eating the fruit or vegetable), it’s very easy to consume more sugar than you realize by drinking fruit juice. 

Of course, if you are new to juicing or are drinking juice as a treat, it’s really fun to add fruit to mix it up a bit.  When you are just getting started, you might want to try adding half of a sweet fruit (like pears or red apples), then switching to low-sugar fruits as you get used to the taste. You can also “sweeten” your juice by including naturally-sweet vegetables like beets and carrots. You’ll find a variety of juice recipes throughout this post for some healthy inspiration!

For more information about juicing, you can also check out my Vegetable Juice 101 post.

Juicing 101 [Video]
Rainbow Carrot Immune Booster
Juicing 101 [Video]
Beet Detox Juice
Juicing 101 [Video]
Bok Choy Green Juice


If you are ready to get juicing, check out my Juicing 101 video above and leave me a comment below telling me what you’re going to juice!

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  1. says

    I’m an juicing addict too! Although I really do need a new juicer but I got a kitchen aid mixer at Christmas so no new juicer for awhile. Who needs juice when you can make double batches of cookies? Heh, totally kidding.

    Loved your video today, very informative (as the last one) great tips and summary in the post, too!

  2. says

    i’ve been juicing a lot lately. i typically use a combination of carrots, apples, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger. every random combination i’ve ever come up with has been yummy.

  3. says

    I think green juices AND smoothies are really good for us. After drinking two juices a day for a week (along with two regular, sometimes too heavy meals) I noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looked.

    Here’s my favorite green juice. Two kale leaves, 1/2 a bunch of cilantro, 1 green apple, 4 celery stalks, 1 whole cucumber, 1/4 of a lemon (with peel), 1 inch chunk of ginger, 1 chunk of jalapeno (or more if you like it really hot). I am so in love with this. Somehow it reminds me of bloody mary mix, only green!

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