Weekly Wellness Intention: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

And here we are again at a another Monday. I don’t know how these weeks are managing to go by so fast, but I’m really grateful I started this series as a way of checking in with myself and ensuring that I’m practicing self-care during this busy season.

Last week’s Wellness Intention was to Create a Beautiful Environment.  My goal was to spend the week decluttering, organizing, cleaning, creating better systems in my apartment, and creating artwork. How’d it go?

What worked well:

  • Having a deadline! I was able to keep on-track with cleaning and organizing this week because I knew I’d have to report on this task today. This was a really good reminder that having a firm deadline and source of accountability is crucial when completing a goal.
  • Asking for help! I enlisted the help of several friends during the course of the week for organizing advice, trips to IKEA, and general moral support.
  • Take it one step at a time! I felt completely overwhelmed when I looked around my apartment last week, but I made myself tackle one small thing each day to keep things feeling manageable. I did have a hectic day of deep-cleaning yesterday, but it was incredibly worth it to have everything done and in order.
  • Painting! I was really excited to get back into creating artwork that didn’t involve Photoshop and one of the highlights of my week was going to the art supply store and then spending the evening painting. Now I have a really unique and personal piece of artwork to hang in my bathroom!

Challenges that came up:

  • The biggest challenge I had was a lack of time. I knew this was a big project for me to tackle in one week, especially with a lot going on at work right now, but I felt that it was important enough to do before the holidays that I wanted to make it a priority. Having a firm deadline was helpful, but it did also add additional stress.

Next steps:

  • Keep everything clean and organized! I’m working on being better about cleaning things up as I go along and putting things away as I use them. The great thing is that it only takes a few minutes each day to keep things tidy versus letting a mess pile up that takes several hours to undo.

For this week’s Weekly Wellness Intention, I originally wanted to focus creating a consistent bedtime routine and getting better sleep, but due to the holiday and traveling this week, it didn’t seem like an appropriate time to tackle this one. So instead, I’ve decided to stop sweating the small stuff… who’s with me?

One of my favorite books is Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… And It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. When I find myself feeling particularly overwhelmed and overworked I love picking this book off my shelf and flipping through it.

In glancing through it this morning, there were a few things that called to me:

  • Make peace with imperfection
  • Let go of the idea that gentle, relaxed people can’t be superachievers
  • Be aware of the snowball effect of your thinking
  • Remind yourself that when you die, your “in basket” won’t be empty
  • Experiment with your back burner

I also want to stop being so rigid when it comes to my work and let go of my expectations of what I think things should look like. “Should” can be a very dangerous word and it often adds unnecessary stress (at least, in my life).

For those of you in the US, hope you have a healthy and beautiful Thanksgiving week!

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff




Now it’s your turn! What worked well and/or what challenges did you face with last week’s intention to create a beautiful environment? How can you stop “sweating the small stuff”? Leave a comment below!

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  1. says

    Your comment:
    I also want to stop being so rigid when it comes to my work and let go of my expectations of what I think things should look like. “Should” can be a very dangerous word and it often adds unnecessary stress (at least, in my life).

    Reminded me of something my first yoga teacher used to share with us:
    “We carry all our ‘should haves’ in our shoulders, turning them into stressful ‘I should-er done that’ instead of relaxed “shoulders”.


  2. says

    I love this! I definitely struggle with sweating the small stuff, but when you take a step back and look at the big picture, the small stuff gets put into perspective. And it really is small. We all need to take more steps back sometimes. :)

    • Sonnet says

      It really is all about perspective. My challenge to myself this week has been to ask myself the question, “Will this really matter in 5 years?” So far, I’ve answered “no” every single time. Definitely helps ease stress in the moment! :)

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