Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

 How did your week go? In last week’s Weekly Wellness Intention post I set the goal to Cultivate Pleasure in my daily life. Here’s the low-down…

What worked well:

  • This was a really fun intention so I had no problem making it a natural part of my routine this week. As part of this intention, I spent lots of time outdoors, which was not only pleasurable but incredibly energizing (spiritually as well as physically!)
  • I went on my first “real” hike with friends to Little Si. I would highly recommend this as it was challenging enough to feel like a hike, but definitely doable for a newbie hiker like me.
  • I also spent lots of time eating delicious food, catching up with amazing friends, listening to beautiful music and, of course, playing with my cats.
  • And, I finally decided to book that much-needed vacation so I will be ending this year spending several days in Miami and then embarking on a cruise to the Bahamas. I couldn’t be more excited! Except for the fact that I now have to go bikini shopping (shudder)…

There weren’t any real challenges that came up with this intention, but I have decided that my next steps are to continue incorporating pleasurable activities into my daily life as much as possible.

I also wanted to share some random photos with you from the week so hop down below to find out about this week’s Weekly Wellness Intention: Create A Beautiful Environment.

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

Kitty Crazy Eyes

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

I made it to the top!

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

A walk around the lake at sunset

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

Very interesting mushrooms outside my apartment

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

I wonder what this key goes to…

Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

And now onto this week’s Weekly Wellness Intention: Create a Beautiful Environment

I’ve been in my new place for awhile now and although it definitely feels like home, there are a lot of things about the space that really annoy me. And, the kitchen has been bothering me enough now that I don’t even enjoy cooking in it. This is a big problem. Code red. 

Our environment shapes our health and wellbeing in many different ways. And, “environment” can mean a lot of different things. Our environment includes the outdoors, our homes, where we work, the people we spend time with…  And although we might not notice our environment on a daily basis, I believe that changing our environment impacts our health.

Here’s an example: The counter space in my kitchen is really small and gets easily cluttered. As a result, I’ve recently stopped juicing because there is not enough space to have the juicer out. Therefore, one of my goals is to declutter my counter so that it’s easy and accessible to make juice in the morning.

Here’s another example: Do you work in one of those offices where people bring in treats? If you catch yourself indulging in treats simply because they are there, then your environment is impacting your health.

Sometimes making a few small changes really add up. My goals for the week are to:

  • Declutter my kitchen
  • Organize my closet
  • Create beautiful artwork for the bare walls
  • Declutter my desk
  • Create an organized entryway
  • Declutter my bathroom
  • Create a better system for compost, recycling, & trash

Whew, that feels like a lot! But, I’m going to take it one step at a time because I know how important it is and how much it will impact my sanity.

Now it’s your turn! What worked well and/or what challenges did you face with last week’s intention to cultivate pleasure? What simple changes can you make this week to improve your environment? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Jenn says

    There are a lot of places in my home that make me twitchy. I want to de-clutter or reorganize, but I just don’t seem to have the time. One of the worst offenders was my sock drawer. On Saturday when we actually had some free time and the baby was in a good mood, I took 30 minutes and re-did my sock drawer. Amazing that it actually made me feel good! The next day when I needed a pair of socks, I found the exact ones I wanted and didn’t have to dig. Kind of a small thing, but I feel much more zen. :-)

    • Sonnet says

      It’s amazing how much the little things make a difference! I actually just re-organized my socks too and definitely felt more zen! I just need to tackle my kitchen now… :)

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