Breakfast Quinoa

What are you eating for breakfast nowadays? Oatmeal? Toast? A smoothie?  All of the above? 
Whatever your answer, I won’t judge.  Well, unless you aren’t eating breakfast ’cause then that would be a problem. 
Or, if you are eating breakfast, but breakfast to you means glazed donuts every day for the past week.  Ahem, yes Ashley, I am looking at you… No, you’re right, I said I wouldn’t judge.  I’ll just look at you out of the corner of my eye until you pick up that bowl and fill it with quinoa.  Good.  Now we’re talking.

Have you jumped on the quinoa bandwagon yet?  If not, then allow me to catch you up. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is the edible seed that comes from the Quinoa plant which originated in South America. Quinoa’s relatives include spinach, beets, and Swiss chard. Quinoa comes in several varieties (white, red, and black) and each has their own unique taste and texture.

Quinoa is one of the best sources of protein in the vegetable kingdom and is also rich in iron, potassium, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Not only is quinoa high in protein, but the protein it supplies is complete protein, meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids. This makes quinoa the perfect main dish for vegetarian meals.

Even though quinoa is not technically a grain it can be substituted for nearly any grain in cooking. It is also gluten-free so it is perfect for anyone with wheat or gluten sensitivities or allergies. Quinoa is fluffy, creamy, and nutty and can be served hot or cold. You can find quinoa in a variety of recipes here on my blog as well. 

Breakfast quinoa is special for a couple of reasons:

1. You eat it at breakfast.
2. It’s a great way to start your day with a vegan source of protein (that doesn’t include soy or gluten!).
3. You can top it with your favorite fruits, nuts, spices, and milk!

Now let’s get to it! 

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Breakfast Quinoa
Serves 2

1 cup quinoa
2 cups of water
Any toppings of your choice

Bring quinoa and water to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer 20 minutes, or until water is absorbed. Set aside, covered, for 10 minutes.  Spoon into bowls and top with your favorite toppings.  Serve warm or cold. 

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  1. says

    Oh man, awesome looking breakfast! I actually had quinoa for breakfast this morning but I was in a rush so I had it plain. It was really boring and I missed all of the toppings. But it was filling, and it was better than skipping breakfast, so I was happy.

    My favourite breakfast quinoa is with shredded coconut, raisins and bananas :)

  2. says

    my favourite breakfast quinoa is cooked with almond milk with almonds and fresh blueberries. sometimes i have dried cranberries, too. oh, or almond butter. hmmm 😉

  3. Anonymous says

    Has anyone ever had reheated quinoa? I haven’t, but I’m wondering if you cooked a double batch and then either nuked or reboiled it the next day if it would be any good.

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