Anderson Cooper and Vegetarian Times

Let me start this with the biggest heart-felt THANK YOU.  Thank you to each and every one of you that read this blog, leave comments, email me, tweet me, interact with me on facebook, share my recipes on your blog, and pin my recipes on Pinterest.  You are the reason that I write this blog.  Thank you for connecting with me and creating such a wonderful space for me to share food, life, and my crazy stories with you.  My life would not be as rich without you.

I have some exciting news.  This blog has gotten some cool press over the last couple of months and I wanted to share it with you.

#1. Anderson Cooper
Apparently Anderson Cooper is quite the picky eater, but a recent guest on his show pleasantly surprised him with her kale, apple, and beet juice smoothie.  On the show, Anderson asked viewers to pin their favorite kale recipes on Pinterest and Margaret shared my Kale Smoothie for Kids recipe.  (Thank you, Margaret!) This recipe was then featured on Anderson Cooper’s website!  You can check out the full article here.

#2. Vegetarian Times
It has been a dream of mine for years to be in Vegetarian Times and this dream has finally come true. I can’t believe it! My spicy roasted golden beets recipe won as an honorable mention in this year’s Reader Recipe Contest. You can see me on page 69 of the September 2012 edition!
I just want to say thank you again for all of your continued support and encouragement.  And, if we haven’t already connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, that certainly needs to change. :) 
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  1. says

    Congrats on the well-deserved attention! Your blog is gorgeous and your food mouth-watering. Can’t wait to check out Veg Times! Whoo hoo! 😀

  2. Sharon @ Granola Meets Grits says

    Congratulations, Sonnet!! I am so excited for you and you definitely deserve the recognition for your awesome, healthy foods! YAY for you!!

  3. Lindsay Loves Veggies says

    Congratulations!! That is such awesome news! You guys better have celebrated big, because you deserve it! :)

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