2013 Health Revolution

Hey friends,

Throughout December I spent some time getting in touch with my core desired feelings (a la Danielle LaPorte) and the feeling that kept coming up for me again and again is healthy.  I want to feel healthy. I want my mind to feel energized and my body to feel vibrant. I want to radiate health each and every moment in my day.  And I want to inspire others to feel this way too.
Since its inception in 2010, this blog has been near and dear to my heart. Every recipe, every post, every photograph that I share with you is a piece of my life. And you, my blog community, have inspired me so much. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for every comment, email, tweet, and Facebook post.  

What I realized is that I want this blog to be a place that you come to for inspiration and information about living your fullest, happiest, and healthiest life. I want you to feel inspired by delicious, seasonal dishes that nourish your body, fresh drinks that energize your taste buds, and information about living healthfully and sustainably that changes your life. I hope that you already come here and feel inspired, but my intention is to make this even stronger this year.
So, I hope you will join me in kicking off the New Year with a Health RevolutionI want to see you and this amazing blog community feel our best and help inspire others to feel their best.  So, this month here on the blog we’re going to be juicing it up, guzzling green smoothies like there’s no tomorrow, and incorporating more fresh, seasonal recipes into our routine! It’s going to be a blast and I hope you’ll join me! 
AND, I really want YOUR help in making an impact. I want us to reach as many people and change as many lives as possible. This is a Health Revolution, after all. It’s going to take quite a few of us to pull this off!
Here’s how to get involved in this awesome Health Revolution:
  • Twitter: Each time you make a fresh juice or smoothietweet me a picture! Let’s inspire each other and build some momentum together! I’ll be sharing the pictures you send me so if you’re not already following me on Twitter, make sure to do so. 
  • Facebook: Share your favorite fresh juice and smoothie recipes and photos with me on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to see what you’re making! (I’ll also be updating this page with lots of inspirational recipes so if you want this to show up in your Facebook feed, make sure to like the page.)
  • Invite others: I want us to inspire people to eat better and feel better. When I changed my diet six years ago and began eating real food, my entire body and health changed. My constant digestive problems and headaches went away, I cured my gallbladder pain, and I had more energy. I want everyone to feel this good. If you know anyone who is trying to eat healthier, wants to have more energy, is looking to lose weight, or is trying to change their health, please share this blog with them.  This blog has become an amazing community and source of support and I want us to inspire others, share resources, and make an impact together!
Looking forward to a healthy and happy New Year together!
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